online training videos Accessibility to wider audience

If you have staff spread around the country or on the road or in different locations it can be difficult to keep them all trained and up to speed or it can just get too hard and not happen at all.

Using video you can now reach a wider audience, faster, easier, better. Less hassle and better access to deliver your training or messages by video and keep your teams productive and learning at the same time.


"Oracle has seen benefits – to the tune of $10 million in cost savings – by using on-demand video to power sales kickoff meetings, rather than investing the time and effort to stage an annual in-person event for its entire international sales force"



Just in time

Asking a staff member to wait for two months until that course comes around just won’t cut it. They will probably revert to Uncle Google or Aunty YouTube for answers. Guess what? You have no control over the answers or the messages they receive. Worst case scenario they do nothing and wait.

Using video will guarantee they can see what they need when they need it and best of all they can watch again and again. Let’s face it everyone has smartphones or tablets so accessibility is no longer an issue; they now watch that quick video right before walking into that customer and being able to apply the learning on the spot.


"By YE18, 75% of workers at large organizations will interact with various kinds of video more than three times daily."

Gartner Research



Consistency of message

So maybe you are sending trainers around the country to deliver the messages required. Is everyone getting the same message? Too many variables are involved and depending on the energy levels and mood of the trainer and the group will depend on what message delivered and remembered.

Using video you will get the same consistent message over and over again. Lets face it is easier to re watch a video again than get a trainer back to re run the workshop. 


"87 percent of young executives believe video has a significant and positive impact on an organization, citing benefits ranging from enhancing the experience of telecommuters to saving money on travel costs and even attracting top talent"




Cost reductions

You may have looked at video and thought its too expensive.  It appears that way until you consider the costs of training and refresher training for your teams over the course of an entire year.

Using video means a one off purchase and you can use the content over and over again until the clothes look out of date, even then if you use it long enough they will come back into fashion.


"Microsoft used video to cut classroom training costs by $303 per person from $320 to just $17."



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