We all know the importance of training staff for increased engagement, better productivity, teamwork, sales and customer service improvements.  So why doesn’t it happen as well as it should?


Training champion

Time and time again we see training dropping off the radar as something else crops up that needs doing, even when all the tools and access is provided it still doesn’t happen.   Then in another organisation you see the training is embedded as part of the culture, happens regularly and is followed through, so what’s the difference?


Step in a training champion.  This is the person who drives the training and helps embed training in the culture of the organisation.  But why you ask, shouldn’t that be the job of HR? Well yes if you have an HR department (and quite a few places don’t) and they aren’t buried in paperwork, recruitment, grievances etc. 


To ensure training is going to work for your company and especially your department, create a champion.  Don’t wait for HR or another department to do it for you, if you are serious about developing your team and getting them to be the best they can be then here’s how you do it.



To be successful you will need some criteria set out:

  • Ensure the champion is passionate about training and believes the importance of it
  • Include the champion in the business aspects such as regular meetings, strategy sessions etc so they can see the direction required
  • Have clear roles and responsibilities – what will be the percentage of time allocated to this role? Will this be on top of their day to day duties? How can be made to work without risking something else?
  • Ensure they are rewarded appropriately for the role
  • Ensure they are empowered to help and guide where required and have the tools to do the job expected of them


You may need to look at different champions for different projects such as a customer service champion, an IT champion etc.  These people may need to collaborate and work together for the bigger picture.

The benefits will come quickly and you will start to see changes happen quite quickly and it will give staff members an opportunity for a new role /career path they may not have thought of, it will help drive training from a roots perspective instead of a top-down directive.


Do you have a champion in your business yet? 


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