Leadership Skills

Whether you're just starting or you have been leading for a long time, leadership development is something that is beneficial to everyone. Ensure that you have the tools that you need, to be able to be lead your team through any situation. Our online leadership development course enables you to study leadership at a time that suits you, whether at home, at work, or on a break. It's broken down into small chunks which makes it more effective than all day seminars and workshops. 

Leadership Courses and Development

Our courses will take you through all of the elements of leadership that you can learn, refine or improve upon. 


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1 Minute Videos

Business Cases and ROI 1m.

Business Cases & ROI

At some point you will need to ask for money for something at work and may need to justify the expenditure. Knowing how to put a simple business case together with some promise of a return on investment (ROI) can really help your chances. This video shares some of these key tips.

Delegation 1m


Delegation is something we often avoid doing or it's something we don;t do well. In this video, we give four tips on how to make delegation more effective.

Employee Engagement Intro 1m

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be improved by looking at four main areas. Leaders in the business can help their staff by doing some key things. The module on this topic has some more detail. In this video, we introduce the four win themes for improving the engagement of all staff.

Goal Setting 1m

Goal Setting (SMART Goals)

A brief video on goal setting with SMART goals. Understanding of making goals specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time-bound

Motivation by Appreciation 1m

Motivation by Appreciation

There are 5 motivating languages you can use to motivate others in the workplace. These are explained briefly in this video. Based on Gary Chapman's five love languages, it's important to communicate in the language of those you work with in order to maximise productivity and motivation.

Paying Attention in Meetings 1m

Paying Attention in Meetings

This video shares some ways that you can stay on track during meetings. We will often find our minds wandering or thinking of other things. Follow these tips to help you stay focused and contributing.

Project Management 1m

Project Management

In this video we explain some key tips about running an effective project.

Vision Mission and Values 1m

Vision, Mission and Values

We often get confused by these terms. This video briefly explains the difference and reasoning behind all three.

Walking Meetings 1m

Walking Meetings

Discover new ideas and ways to run your meetings by thinking outside the square and walking!

Training Modules

Delegation Intro


Delegation is a great leadership technique that can help reduce your workload as well as develop skills in others. In this module you will learn some effective delegation skills, how to delegate tasks and certain levels of delegation.

Effective Networking Intro

Effective Networking

Networking is something you can't outsource to others,. It's down to you to do. In this module you will learn what networking is, how to overcome shyness and worries about networking and how to be an effective networker.

Employee Engagement Intro

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a measure of how effective someone is working in an organisation. High engagement increases productivity. In this module you will learn about the four enablers of employee engagement and ways in which to improve employee engagement in your business.

Giving Instructions Intro

Giving Instructions

Giving instructions effectively means you can have better results from people following you. In this module you will learn the steps to giving clear instructions, how to use visual aids and how to understand your audience needs.

Influencing Skills Intro

Influencing Skills

Influencing skills can be effective in helping get your point across and help you on the corporate ladder. In this module you will learn about manipulation, negotiating and influencing, individual styles and traits of great influential people.

Interviewing Others Intro

Interviewing Others

This module focuses on how to interview other people. You will learn how to conduct a successful interview, what the right questions are to ask and to ensure you understand and can articulate what you are after as a result.

Interviwing Techniques Intro

Interview Techniques

You will at point be looking for a promotion or your next move. It's important to understand how to perform well in an interview - especially internally in a business. In this module you will learn correct interview protocols, the importance of research prior to an interview and the dos and don'ts of interviewing.

Motivation by Appreciation Intro

Motivation by Appreciation

Motivation by appreciation is a methodology of helping people feel valued in the workplace. In this module you will learn the difference between recognition and appreciation, how to give sincere appreciation and the benefits that follow and the four main languages of appreciation in the workplace.

New Leaders Intro

New Leaders

When someone is promoted to a new leadership role, they may not have had much formal leadership training. In this module you will learn how to make the transition form a peer to a leader, how to communicate effectively and some basic leadership skills to help you get started in a leadership role.

Planning Meetings Intro

Planning Meetings

It takes a really good meeting to be better than no meeting at all. In this module you will learn how to set agendas, gain participation and get results as well as understanding different meeting types.

Project Management Intro

Project Management

There are many skills required for a successful project to be run. In this module you will learn about the different stages of a project and how to engage in each one including defining the project, the launch, execution , performance, closing and reporting.

Return on Investment Intro

Return on Investment

Measuring a return on investment will help you determine which activities are paying off and which are just costing you money. In this module you will learn the basics of ROI, some formulas you can use and when to say no to something because it just doesn't make good business sense.

Net Promoter Score intro

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter or Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of an organisations customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research and claims to be correlated with revenue growth.