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Training championThe need for a training champion

We all know the importance of training staff for increased engagement, better productivity, teamwork, sales and customer service improvements.  So why doesn’t it happen as well as it should? Read the full post here 





Online video trainingFour reasons to use video based training

Four quick reasons video training should be used.  Read the full post here









Why Video Works

Why video micro learning works

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12 tips for being a good leader12 Tips for being a Great Leader

Having staff and being a leader can be both rewarding and frustrating. If you find it rewarding you are either doing some things right or are just darn lucky.  Read the full post here





How to remember more from training and workshopsHow to remember more from training and workshops

We've all been there - Sat in a great training session or heard from a superb speaker and with all good intentions to implement what we have learned. Read the full post here





9 Benefits of video micro training9 Benefits of video micro training

Following years of experience and research in the training industry the landscape is changing and so is the way training is being delivered and received. Read the full post here





Informal CoachingInformally Coach for Big Impact!

Unlike formal coaching, informal coaching can be done anytime and anywhere. Read the full post here





Five benefits to using video trainingFive Benefits to Using Video for Learning and Training

More and more companies are turning to video for corporate learning and training. Read the full post here






Micro learning vs traditional learning


Micro Learning vs Traditional learning

A good video on why you should be using more micro learning techniques: Watch the video here





3 reasons

Use more video in your training sessions

3 reasons  why you should be looking to include more video in your organisational micro learning sessions:Watch the video here





Google’s Micro-Learning Findings

With the rise of mobile devises there has been more talk about micro-learning. Read the full post



Micro Learning Pic

The Microlearning Trend

"All told, a regimented diet of strict rules and linear learning can over-stuff trainees and leave them feeling bloated and overwhelmed."  Read the full post




Trends in Micro learning

A one minute explainer video showing micro learning trends

A quick video to show facts and figures around the micro learning trends.  Read the full post