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Mobile Learner statisticsMobile Learner Statistics

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4 ways microlearning improves sales4 ways microlearning improves sales

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5 ways to help your teams work together5 ways to help your teams work together better

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Lego VisionUsing LEGO to help create a vision or mission statement

Company or departmental vision or mission statements are often long. They have been formulated by a number of people who all wanted to include something. They are not always memorable and many employees can't recite them and many don't even understand what they mean let alone support them.  Read the full article here



4 reasons to use video based training4 reasons to use video-based training infographic

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Sales through ROIGetting more sales through ROI

 When you are thinking about all the benefits your organisation, product or service has you also need to start thinking of some of the points of difference that your offering may have over the competition – let’s call these ‘key benefits’ or benefits that may set you apart from others. You may have heard of the term USP – Unique Selling Proposition. Read the full article here



5 facts on mobile video5 Facts on mobile video

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5 reasons to increase video in your training5 reasons to increase video in your training

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3 Key stats for microlearning strategy Jan 2018Key statistics for a microlearning strategy

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Micro learning

Micro Learning the new balance of training

As businesses we often are stretched to the max in all directions, wearing multiple hats and trying to make ends meet.

In the middle of all this we know we need to be growing and developing our people but we simply don't have the time or the money to be able to send them on the training courses they need or want.  Read the full article here




Micro Learning Stats8 ways to develop microlearning content

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5 ways to help your team work together better

5 ways to help your team work together better

Most leaders would like their teams to work together better at some point. Perhaps the team is new or the dynamics just aren't sitting right or maybe the team has never really functioned as well as it could. I'd like to suggest some ways that your team could understand each other better and work together more effectively. Read the full article here




Benefits of video in your training

Benefits of using video in your training

Why video is taking over in training.  A snapshot from the interview: Watching the Human Brain Process Information

Just: Processing print isn’t something the human brain was built for. The printed word is a human artefact. It’s very convenient and it’s worked very well for us for 5,000 years, but it’s an invention of human beings.  Read the full article here




Critical activities as a leader

Critical Activities as a Leader

No matter what your role is, there will be core activities that you must focus on that will provide you with the results you need to achieve. If you’re not sure what those activities are, make a list of the things you feel you need to accomplish in a month.  Read the full article here



9 Benefits of video micro training

9 Benefits of video micro training

Following years of experience and research in the training industry, the landscape is changing and so is the way training is being delivered and received.

Microlearning is the format of delivery training in bite-sized chunks and coupled with technology allows us to deliver training in a format that suits the emerging learner's needs – video. Here are 9 reasons why you should be considering video training for your organisation.  Read the full article here





Creating a first Impression

5 tips for creating a better first impression of your business

It never ceases to amaze me how some businesses seemingly give no thought about that first customer interaction with them. I have phoned a number of companies recently as a customer and have been met with a reception that ranged from a chilly Antarctic wind to a sizzling baking hot tropical island party. Guess which companies I will be staying with? Right, those who made me feel welcome and that wanted to help.  Read the full article here




SME micro learning

Microlearning for small business: How Microlearning could revolutionise your small business

A small business lives and dies by the success of its team, so investing in team training is essential to the development of your business but as a small business who has the time or the budget? Microlearning for small businesses is a great way to quickly and efficiently train up your small team. But just what can microlearning courses do for small businesses? Read the full article here



How to say no nicely

How to say no nicely

For people in the customer service industry, saying no can be a daily occurrence. So, to be able to say it and not offend is a great skill to learn and can be easier than you think.

Saying no can be tough sometimes. I think it’s our natural desire to want to help. For some of us, this can be a real source of stress when we want to say yes but due to policy, circumstance, availability or a host of other reasons, the answer is just a flat, ‘NO’.  Read the full article here




Micro learning for sales

How to make the most of microlearning to improve your sales

Recent studies imply that the average adult attention span is shrinking, which is only going to make training your sales team that much harder. Maybe your sales teams are spread out and it’s hard to get them together regularly?  Read the full article here



5 ways to reduce interruptions5 ways to reduce interruptions

With more companies opting for open plan style offices, more interruptions are happening in the workplace. In fact, in a recent study, researchers at the University of California, Irvine found that the typical office worker is interrupted about every three minutes and it can take up to 23 minutes to resume work following a disruption. Read the full article here




Let the customer win

Let the customer win and keep the business

We have all heard the old adage “The customer is always right” and the customer is the most important part of this business but what happens when they aren’t? How many times have you been argued with as a customer? 

When that happens does it make you want to go back and deal with that company again? Of course not! So why does it happen?  Read the full article here



Sales a no brainer

Sales - A 'No-Brainer'

We’ve all heard the term. If something is a ‘no-brainer’ it’s basically an easy decision. You don’t have to use any brain power to work out that you should go ahead. If somebody said, give me ten dollars and I’ll give you hundred straight back and held it out to show you, you’d probably ask, ‘What’s the catch?’ But if they signed you a guarantee that all you needed to do was hand them the money and that as you handed it over, they would hand the hundred over in the other hand at the same time, it would really be a ‘no-brainer.’  Read the full article here



Micro learning saves time

Online Customer Service Training Left You Drained? Try Microlearning

 Your customer service staff are the front-line of your business, so it’s important that they not only have access to the highest standard of training but also that they are able to retain the information that training provides. Trying to carry out a full-time job and extra online customer service training can be incredibly draining for your staff, and instead of improving customer service, it could have the opposite effect.  Read the full article here



Training championThe need for a training champion

We all know the importance of training staff for increased engagement, better productivity, teamwork, sales and customer service improvements.  So why doesn’t it happen as well as it should? Read the full post here 






5 Tips for stale leaders

There are so many tips and pieces of advice for leaders. Which ones do you follow? Well, you are an individual leader, so you need to try out what seems best for you. Keep the stuff that works and try new things for stuff that doesn't. Here are five things I personally would advise to any new leader or existing leader who is getting a bit stale. Read the full article here






10 things to move you forward

I recently attended a prize giving at my son's school. Yes, he was getting an academic award for Chemistry - a subject I struggled to even pass at school - but he seems to excel in. Before the awards were handed out, the principal gave a short speech. My ears pricked up when he said that he had a list of ten things that he wanted to share with these school leavers that required no talent but that would help them move forward in the next stage of their lives. I wanted to share them here with you because I think they are ten great things we can all be reminded of and as they require zero talent - there shouldn't be any excuses to access them ourselves.  Read the full article here 




Online video trainingFour reasons to use video based training

Four quick reasons video training should be used.  Read the full post here








Why Video Works

Why video micro learning works

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12 tips for being a good leader12 Tips for being a Great Leader

Having staff and being a leader can be both rewarding and frustrating. If you find it rewarding you are either doing some things right or are just darn lucky.  Read the full post here





How to remember more from training and workshopsHow to remember more from training and workshops

We've all been there - Sat in a great training session or heard from a superb speaker and with all good intentions to implement what we have learned. Read the full post here





9 Benefits of video micro training9 Benefits of video micro training

Following years of experience and research in the training industry the landscape is changing and so is the way training is being delivered and received. Read the full post here





Informal CoachingInformally Coach for Big Impact!

Unlike formal coaching, informal coaching can be done anytime and anywhere. Read the full post here





Five benefits to using video trainingFive Benefits to Using Video for Learning and Training

More and more companies are turning to video for corporate learning and training. Read the full post here






Micro learning vs traditional learning


Micro Learning vs Traditional learning

A good video on why you should be using more micro learning techniques: Watch the video here





3 reasons

Use more video in your training sessions

3 reasons  why you should be looking to include more video in your organisational micro learning sessions:Watch the video here





Google’s Micro-Learning Findings

With the rise of mobile devises there has been more talk about micro-learning. Read the full post



Micro Learning Pic

The Microlearning Trend

"All told, a regimented diet of strict rules and linear learning can over-stuff trainees and leave them feeling bloated and overwhelmed."  Read the full post




Trends in Micro learning

A one minute explainer video showing micro learning trends

A quick video to show facts and figures around the micro learning trends.  Read the full post