LearningPlanet is a leading expert in video and micro training but don't take our word for how good we are:


In House Video Production 

Learning Planet has provided us with outstanding service with a quick turnaround time. They took the time to make sure they clearly understood our needs. We valued Derek’s constructive feedback and insight throughout the process.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Derek and Craig. 





Reena Patel

Assessment Solutions Adviser




Team Leader:

"Learning Planet was able to provide me with the tool to assist my agents that had trouble with angry customers. After he did a couple modules, the number of escalations dropped from 3 a week, to 1 a month to none. Very impressive." Wijn Langeraar Slingshot New Zealand


Team Member:

"I found the modules 12. “Difficult customer types” and 15. “Difficult customer techniques” to be a crucial part of helping me retrain and turn the part of my job I found most difficult into something I was competent at.
It was about two years into my work on the helpdesk that I found dealing with upset customers overwhelming and lost control on calls. I had forgotten how to manage these scenarios effectively, and thankfully the modules provided me with effective solutions.

The module tasks and objectives put into perspective how simple and logical it is to stop and think of these situations as opportunities to understand the customer’s expectations and use this to turn the situation around. It has also been helpful to go back to these modules whenever I needed to refresh my memory of these techniques." Karl Wilshier Slingshot New Zealand



"Since implementing LearningPlanet into our Customer Service function the modules undertaken has seen a dramatic improvement in the performance of our employees.  The easy to use modules have provided a platform for efficient learning and most importantly provided a tool for our staff to deliver excellent customer service.

The modules offer reporting which provides staff transparency and has enabled us to prioritise and focus our efforts to those areas that are most critical for employees to enhance their skills. LearningPlanet has a great support team and they are only ever a phone call away and turnaround time is exceptional and the team are fantastic!”


Sharon Rudd - National Leadership, Sales & CS Consultant Human Resources

TNT Australia 


Here is the feedback from 60+% survey of our current users:


Why did you choose LearningPlanet:    

What difference is it making in your business:   

  • It is an additional resource for staff to use to enhance their customer service delivery and or self development.

  • We choose LearningPlanet as it is simple and easy to use, our staff can watch a video and/or read the content depending on how best they learn.

  • We also love that we didn't have to do anything, you sign up and then all the information is there ready for your staff to use. LearningPlanet takes all the hard work our of training.

  • It aligns with the customer service training the team have and we can chose an area of focus based on where an individuals training requirements are.  They can also work through it at their own pace and have one on one coaching with their team leaders.  You can create individual learning plans.
  • We also like the follow up, newsletters and new content every month.
  • It is a good fit for my team, they can learn at their desks and at their own pace without taking hours at a time to attend training sessions.
  • The solutions provide short 'just in time' lessons to reinforce concepts.

  • We wanted some online training and rather than develop our own specific training at a considerable cost we chose to use your videos to train country wide.

  • As we are a small Contact Centre, the ability to take staff into traditional training programmes for a period of time is not possible. The self-learning style with short but effective videos  suits our environment perfectly.

  • Contemporary training in a modern e-learning environment, ease of implementation, cost effective core customer service training
  • The content is amazing. Its like google, if you need to find an answer where do you go? LearningPlanet!
  • Its simple, affordable. and the team are always open to ideas.

  • Helping to really target individual training gaps effectively
  • It provides consistent training across the team, and therefore a consistent quality of service to our customers.  The quality of service is recognised in the business and the value the team adds to our customer experience.
  • Staff have got more interested in training , and supervisors are finding it easier to assist and coach staff through the extra templates etc available.
  • Monitoring of customer service staff has shown an improvement in our mystery shopper scoring.
  • It's enabling our people to get just in time learning to help them with their day to day jobs.
  • Lots of difference. We use it for Team Meetings, staff choose their own topics to work through and we can go back to reference points when we need.  We really like the 10 minute videos which are a great tool for staff meetings.  The work books also give me an opportunity to discuss answers with staff and as a training tool.
  • LearningPlanet has been hugely beneficial. It has increased the confidence and knowledge of our staff
  • Supports employees learning and development and supports organization growth and efficiency
  • It gives us tips and tricks at the finger tips to share with team in order to improve performance
  • It gives us the ability to direct training and one on one coaching sessions exactly when and where we need it.
  • Educating staff, supporting targeted coaching opportunities and piece of mind for industry led training modules using video and links to the latest information
  • Majority of agents are putting the training into practice and call quality scores are reflecting this, some agents are also proactively completing training modules on areas they would like to up-skill in and team leaders are feeling more confident having the resources available for their team to use.
  • Provides legitimacy to organisations learning and development framework to assist with business development and retaining of existing clientele
  • We still have a long way to go to fully embed the program but it will be used as part of our induction as well as on going learning through coaching sessions
  • We use LearningPlanet in induction with new staff, to set the standard and introduce soft skills. We also use LearningPlanet with existing staff, focusing on areas of improvement. This is great for reinforcing training.
  • It's fantastic for new starters, it helps embed our contact centre principles and soft skills.