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If you enjoy developing your own skills or your staff in less time and with less money, then you’ll enjoy LearningPlanet.

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"When I attended the initial presentation I was sitting there with a bit of a sinking feeling thinking this all sounds great, but it’s going to be too expensive for us to look at purchasing. The good things that really stood out to me were the quick videos, the learning support of the manuals, the quick content of videos that made the viewer engage. So, when I heard the price I was pleased that I would be able to actually purchase it." New Zealand Family Planning
"I found the modules 12. 'Difficult customer types' and 15. 'Difficult customer techniques' to be a crucial part of helping me retrain and turn the part of my job I found most difficult into something I was competent at. It was about two years into my work on the helpdesk that I found dealing with upset customers overwhelming and lost control on calls. I had forgotten how to manage these scenarios effectively, and thankfully the modules provided me with effective solutions." Karl Wilshier Slingshot New Zealand

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